Month: January 2018

Holier Than Thou

Nate Macy, 1/21/18

Nate explores Matthew 7:1-5 in the context of peace making

and with the underpinning of trust in God’s provision, as a continuation of the call to not worry found in Matthew 6.

We apologize, but due to technical difficulties there is no audio of this service.

Getting Good and Mad

Johan and Judy Maurer, 1/14/18

As part of peace month Johan and Judy explore

the importance of acknowledge and dealing

with anger in our relationships with each other and Christ.


Prayer of Examen over 2017

Leslie Murray/Nate Macy 12/31/17

We took time to prayerfully reflective over 2017, and what Christ brought to our minds that was of importance about the past year. Due to the nature of this service there is no audio.