Quaker Distinctives

What is a Quaker? Do you make oatmeal and automobile products? Well…not exactly.


When you meet people who call themselves “Quakers” or “Friends,” they may not fit your expectation of the Religious Society of Friends. Quakers in the 18th and 19th centuries did wear plain clothing to testify against more “worldly” dress typified by color and frills. This is why you may confuse them with the Amish or other “plain” groups, though most Friends today dress like much of society. When you visit us, you’ll find that most people are in jeans, while others like to dress up.


Some Friends groups practice only “unprogrammed,” or silent worship, while others have developed more expressive and pastoral approaches to worship and ministry. North Valley Friends includes both, with unprogrammed worship during the Sunday school hour, and a service similar to mainstream evangelical worship services during the “programmed” hour.

Here you can learn a bit more about what it means to us to “be Quaker.”

  1. Quaker beginnings
  2. Quaker testimonies and distinctives
  3. Friends and worship
  4. Friends and ministry
  5. Friends and sacraments
  6. Friends as peacemakers
  7. Friends and the kingdom of God