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We will post all of our Sunday morning services as podcasts on this page.


cropped-header.jpgPaul Bock, 12/13/15

Paul requests that we “don’t stop believing”

and be present to God in the moment, as it’s

the only place we can encounter God.














cropped-header.jpgNate Macy, 11/29/15

Nate leads us into Advent and

considers active waiting, as well as looking at prophecies and anticipation

of the Messiah.













Stewarding the Vineyard

Cherice Bock, 11/1/15

Cherice looks at stewardship and creation based on the queries

from NWYM. We apologize, due to technical difficulties there is no audio

available for this week’s service.




















Get Connected On Purpose

cropped-header.jpgBill Rourke and Catherine Olson

Bill and Catherine shared parts of their spiritual journey

as part of our Fall mini retreat. We apologize for the technical

difficulties that resulted in a lack of a usable audio file.












It takes a Village to raise a Child

NV logo with it takes a villageLynn Clouser Holt, 10/18/15

Lynn explores Query 10 from the NWYM faith and practice. We apologize, but due to technical difficulties

there is no audio of this weeks message.

“Do you who have children under your care educate them for upright and useful lives? Do you nurture them toward Christian faith and commitment, giving them the Scriptures for their guide? Are you watching over your young people with loving concern and providing a place for each one in the life of the church?”