Money at North Valley Friends Church

In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, our congregation received about $261,000, which paid our bills for the year! During a pandemic we are especially grateful for this. For the 2021-2022 fiscal year, our total ministry expenses are projected to be $293,000. The bulk of these funds come from the generous tithes and offerings from our community. We also generate income from renting the house onsite, investment income & building rentals.
This next fiscal year these funds will be spent on:
*about $68,000 on utilities, property taxes, property insurance, janitorial staff/supplies, and maintenance expenses.
*about $157,000 on pastor and staff salaries and benefits.
*about $12,000 on children & youth education.
*about $32,000 on administrative expenses, licenses, office manager’s salary, bank fees and office supplies.
*about $5,000 towards peace & justice efforts in our community and our world.
*about $13,000 towards a community tithe to serve folks in our community.
*about $4,600 towards fellowship, BBQs, retreats and other community life stuff.
*about $3,300 towards technology (computers & sound equipment).

Make a Recurring Gift to NVFC
*To avoid fees of any kind, we encourage you to set up your recurring contributions through your bank account through your online bill pay. We do have a PayPal account but there is a 3% processing fee for contributions.
If you have questions about giving to NVFC, including ways to make contributions, please contact the office.