North Valley Friends Church is a Quaker community of ministers who seek to follow Jesus Christ faithfully, love each other deeply, and continue His ministry in the world.

To accomplish this mission we will:

  1. Cultivate a loving community where we recognize that of God in every person;
    where we affirm the beauty in our equality and diversity; where Christ invites everyone to belong, however we identify or why we come.
  2. Nurture and equip every attender in the knowledge and intimate experience of Jesus Christ through a wide variety of age-appropriate programs and activities.
  3. Offer a truly participatory worship and community life, encouraging and inviting the gifts and talents of every attender.
  4. Encourage active, Christ-centered justice, peacemaking and reconciliation both locally and globally.
  5. Work to meet spiritual and practical needs not only at NVFC, but in Newberg, the Chehalem Valley and around the world.